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Consulting specializing in the Mexican Energy Industry

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Marcos y Asociados Consultoría Energética, SAPI de CV was founded on April 5th, 1995 in Mexico City. It is the only investment banking and business development consultant specializing in the Mexican energy industry with an active presence in the sector, helping its clients as a Mexican energy partner.

Our proficiency in project development and management is strengthened by the deep energy industry knowledge and expertise of our executive team with over 30 years involvement in oil and gas, financial and power & renewable sectors.


Agile methodologies, optimization and transparency. Marcos y Asociados provides advisory back office services to businesses in the energy sector: bank account management, local book-keeping, treasury operations, issuing of fiscal invoicing, monthly/annual tax reporting and financial reports. In addition, we provide compliance services and application submittal to obtain trade authorizations, licenses and environmental permits.