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Our Business Model

M&A core competences are
1) A profound understanding of the nature and dynamics of the Mexican public sector, and
2) A longstanding experience and knowledge of the Mexican energy industry.

We put these two core competences to work on each assignment in any of our business lines:

  • Investment Banking, and
  • Business Development
    • Downstream,
      • Boats & Vessels, Maintenance and Platform Construction, Drilling Services, Mudlogging, Seismic Studies, Raisers, Remotely Deepwater Applications, Natural Gas Distribution, Storage, Transport and Commercialization, Compress Natural Gas for vehicles and industries; Energy Consultant, etc.
    • Midstream,
      • Infrastructure Management, Compression Stations, Pipeline Construction and Inspection, Rights of way, Non Destructive test, Enclosures, Blast Walls, Energy Consultant, etc.
    • Upstream, and
      • Petrochemical Companies, Lubricants, Gas Stations, Energy Consultant, etc.
    • Power & Renewables
      • Combined Cycle (CC), T&D Lines: Engineering, O&AM, Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency, Biomass, Biofuels from waste to Energy, PV Solar Power, Smart Grids, Wind Power, Small Hydro Power & Geothermal, Energy Consultant, etc.

Our core competences are complemented by the analysis of the macroeconomic reality and of the competition environment in order to provide a consistent quality outcome: a seasoned valuation, an informed assessment of risks, an accurate diagnosis of problems and the execution of effective solutions.

The trust of our clients is what we most value. Since 1995 our dedication has been to remain trustworthy, truthful and reliable.