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Who we are

Marcos y Asociados Consultoría Energética, SAPI de CV, founded in 1995, is a financial consulting and development company specialized in the energy industry in Mexico with an active presence in the sector. Our proficiency in project development and management, is strengthen by the deep industry knowledge and expertise of our executive team with over 30 years involvement in oil and gas, financial and power sectors.

Mexico is the 7th oil larger producer worldwide. In addition, Mexico’s economy is tightly linked to energy sector considering that oil and gas revenues represent approximately 7.6% of GDP. It is unquestionable, that due to the constitutional amendments and the New Energy Reform approved on December, 2013, Mexico’s oil and gas industry is experiencing a thorough and enormous transformation. Pemex challenges, in the short and long term, are clearly an opportunity for knowledge of well-structured and experienced new participants.

The Mexican oil and gas service industry has experienced profound transformations in the last 20 years, and is still marked by the monopsony position of Petróleos Mexicanos as the sole consumer of a large number of goods and services. The negotiating power derived from this dominant market position is now being countered by the increasing globalization of specialized markets and the recent energy reform measures.

There are two challenges faced by any new participant in this market:

1. A unique set of risks derived from contractual, regulatory and cultural hurdles, and

2. The need to properly capitalize and finance Mexican operations, according to the risk profile.

In order to successfully meet these two challenges it is necessary to clearly understand, calculate and hedge this country risk. An important role we play is that of “translators of risk”.

Marcos y Asociados Consultoría Energética, SAPI de CV supports its customers technical sales groups in explaining the benefits and value proposition of the services offered, guides the customer in the complex contracting process within Energy Industry, helps setting up a local entity in regards to corporate, admin and tax issues, and helps the customer throughout the life of the contract in all commercial issues and negotiations.